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Permaculture Picture House presents: Animate Earth film, and talk by Ian Lillington – Tue 2nd September

Our world’s in crisis and like many others Dr. Stephan Harding believes that science has contributed to the many ecological problems we’re now facing, but he also thinks that science has the answer. In this time of increasing environmental problems we need a science that not only makes us clever but also makes us wise. Building on the revolutionary discoveries of James Lovelock’s Gaia Theory he believes that we urgently need to develop an expanded science that cultivates intuitive wisdom alongside rational knowledge so that we can experience everything, from the smallest microbes to our planet’s great life-sustaining cycles, as deeply interconnected.

Before the film we are privileged to have a talk by Ian Lillington, who is a long-time permaculture activist. He works mainly in Australia alongside David Holmgren, one of the co-originators of Permaculture.

Doors open from 6.45pm, with a 7.30pm start.

We ask for a donation of £3, at the door.