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4th  August – Permaculture in Prisons

4th August – Permaculture in Prisons

Ex-prisoner Nicole Vosper explores the links between permaculture and working for a world without prisons. She introduces the prison industrial complex in the UK and how the current system fails and harms communities. The workshop will explore how we can use permaculture to design and build communities that meet human needs without resorting to cages or state violence.

Failing to meet the needs of survivors of harm, criminalising and brutalising the working class, prisons serve no one but those at the top. For Nicole, essential links are to be made for all those that believe we can re-design our social and economic systems. Nicole sees organising for prison abolition as a creative act. It is the unstoppable desire for self-determination, social justice and ecological living that the permaculture movement is rooted in.

For more info on her work visit: |

Doors open at 6:45pm. A small charge to cover costs is asked for on the door. The bar is open late.